Q & A

What is ULTRATECH mission and vision?

Our vision is to be the leading Brazilian independent management consulting firm for emerging markets investors and funds seeking capital appreciation through direct investments and equity related investment in Brazilian ventures.

Our mission is to provide distinctive, high-quality services to our customers through optimum utilization of our available human and natural resources, together with the proficiency in the latest information technology - including on-the-ground knowledge of the Brazilian market.

Our promise: Our organization is more than the sum of our services. Ultimately, ULTRATECH identity is measured by core values of professionalism, integrity and how it connects with people and with the world around it. That is why ULTRATECH mission is articulated as a promise.

How can ULTRATECH support your Brazil strategy?

Our team of experienced professionals combined with vision-realism-execution, financial talent, expertise in management and marketing in Brazil provide quality, reliability and value across all products and services. While we build long term partnerships we seek to monitor industry developments in the Brazilian market, and support our customer's expansion by private equity investments, joint ventures, acquisitions or start-up whenever a suitable opportunity is identified.

What are international investments expectations for 2012-2020 in Brazil?

We will see much more money going into emerging markets - China, India, Southeast Asia and Latin America. A special focus will be given to Brazil for commodities and natural resources; not just companies but agricultural resources, renewable energy, and mines. Also, there will be a shortage of talent people to run and assess overseas opportunities. Acquisitions and mergers offer another route for achieving investment and private equity success with superior performance.

Why private equity is investing in Latin America and especially in Brazil?

There are a number of reasons besides returns, abundant natural and mineral resources, and number of consumers. Producers want to meet immediate demands by being closer to their customers. From a marketing perspective, local producers may have access to industry expertise in those markets, greater market penetration and may be perceived as part of the local economy. By locating services and manufacturing closer to customers, successful investment companies believe that it will be able to serve their customers better while expanding to new markets.